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Cincinnati Tax Solutions: IRS Assistance, Back Taxes, and Financial Planning

Facing tax issues in Cincinnati, Ohio? Look no further than LSC | LongSchaefer CPA PFS. Our expert team at LSC | LongSchaefer CPA/PFS specializes in Accounting, Tax Strategy, and Financial Planning, offering tailored solutions to help you navigate the complexities of IRS assistance, back taxes owed, and unfiled tax returns.

Here's how we can support you:

Negotiate Penalties and Interest: We aim to lessen the financial burden by negotiating reduced penalties and interest on your owed taxes.
Payment Plan Setup: We will assist in setting up a payment plan with the IRS, allowing you to settle your back taxes over time.
Tax Debt Resolution: Get comprehensive solutions to clear your back taxes and prevent future tax issues.
Future Tax Planning: We offer strategic advice and planning to avoid future tax problems.

At LSC | LongSchaefer CPA/PFS , we understand the stress of facing IRS challenges. From audits and liens to wage garnishments, our professionals are equipped to protect your interests and reduce stress. Here's what we offer:

Audit Support: Save time and avoid costly mistakes with our audit assistance.
Lien and Levy Resolutions: We'll help resolve any tax liens or levies, protecting your assets and income.
Specialized Relief Strategies: Innocent spouse relief, and more to mitigate IRS actions.

Dealing with unfiled tax returns? Our firm is here to guide you through getting back on track with the IRS, offering strategies for resolution. We'll help you file any outstanding returns and create a plan to address your tax liabilities effectively.

Let LSC | LongSchaefer in Cincinnati, Ohio, take the burden off your shoulders. Our expertise in tax and financial planning ensures you're not alone in facing these challenges. Contact us to reclaim your financial freedom and peace of mind.

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